A Thank You Quilt

A Thank You Quilt
A Thank You Quilt

Last week I had a long list of things to do and I didn’t do too bad.

So, as I was working on keeping my focus, I got a phone call from Debbie at the Colton CA Kiwanis. “Hi Debbie, what’s up?”

Well, Debbie asked me if I could make a quilt for their upcoming fundraiser. “Everyone always loves your quilts and we were wondering if you could donate one more this year.”

I said “Absolutely, I would love to. What’s my deadline?” “May 1st”, Debbie replied. I continued, “No problem, sweetie…will do!”.

You see…
Some of you may already know that Little Wheeler Quilts is named after my grandson, Alex. He’s a little wheeler. He has cerebral palsy and he uses a wheelchair. He is definitely my inspiration.

When Alex was 2 years old, he was diagnosed as a quadriplegic. Finally, Mom (my daughter) and I were able to put a name to why Alex could never sit up or why he could never walk. It’s amazing how just being told the name of his disability was somewhat comforting. We could now say, “Ok, so how do we handle this?”

Alex's 1st wheelchair
Alex’s 1st day in his 1st wheelchair

At age 5 years, Alex got his very first custom wheelchair. He was asked what color he wanted. He picked green. I love the picture we have of Alex that first day in his wheelchair. He was so happy that he could now roll around.

It was about that same time that we noticed that he wasn’t able to sit up very well in the wheelchair. He would often lean to the sides or he would slip down. Hippotherapy was suggested for him and of course we had never heard of it. Well, hippotherapy is riding a horse with a trainer and it strengthens his torso because a horse has the same gait as a human.

But, hippotherapy was very expensive and of course, insurance didn’t cover it.

Alex during his hippotherapy session.
Alex during his hippotherapy session.

So, enter Colton CA Kiwanis. We told them of our predicament. We had started the hippotherapy ourselves with the help of my coworkers’ fundraising. But, we needed more. The Kiwanis were so happy to help Alex out and they provided the hippotherapy for him for an additional year. The hippotherapy was so successful that Alex has been able to sit up straight without any leaning over ever since.

Alex riding in the cockpit of an airplane ride.
Alex riding in the cockpit of an airplane ride.

And we have the Colton CA Kiwanis to thank for that. In fact, they have remembered Alex numerous times on holidays and birthdays, including his little brother. One of his favorite outings was when they took him flying and he got to see our city down below.

Alex today with his brand new wheelchair.
Alex today with his brand new wheelchair.

Alex is now almost 12 years old. He outgrew his 1st wheelchair and he just got his 2nd one. This time he picked red.


With the help of an instructional assistant, he’s in a regular classroom at school. He did have to repeat Kindergarten to have surgery on his hips to uncross his legs, so he’s in the 5th grade. He’s been on the honor roll several times and we are so proud of him. He’s the one that will enter a room and immediately say “Hi Everybody!” And, he’s also the one that will say “Good morning!” the second his eyes pop open and everyone else is ready to push the snooze button one more time!

So, when Debbie asked me if I could donate an opportunity (fundraiser) quilt, of course, I said YES! This will be my 3rd quilt to donate to them.

And it’s the best way that I can say Thank You for all that they have done for Alex.

A Thank You Quilt
The quilt top is done!


So, the quilt top is done…it’s a quilt that I designed and the name is Dashes. Now, I just need to quilt it!



Enjoy your day…until next time…ttyl!

Jo Ann

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