A Block of Time…LeMoyne Star

LeMoyne Star Quilt Top Circa 1830-1880
LeMoyne Star Quilt Top Circa 1830-1880

About two years ago…maybe three…I bought an old quilt top at an antique store downtown. I didn’t buy it the first time I saw it. I looked at the tag, I looked at the quilt. And, I put it back on the shelf.

I could hear my dad saying to me, “Jo Ann, you need that like you need a hole in your head.”

Some of you who know me, also know how much I love old quilt tops. And, I really liked this one.

But, the money I had was earmarked for other things, so I just couldn’t buy it.


I kept thinking about it, and three weeks later I went back to see if it was still there. Of course, I told myself, “If that quilt top is still there, it’s meant for me to have it.” It’s amazing how we can justify a purchase.

It was still there.

I bought it.

And, I’m glad I did.

So, let me tell you about it.

LeMoyne Stars are 8 points, set on a 45 degree angle, with a Y-seam.

The name of the quilt blocks are LeMoyne Stars. These stars are 8-pointed, on a 45° angle, and has a Y-seam. It was originally called Puritan Star. It’s considered a piecing pattern and just one of many star variations, like thier contemporaries Star of Bethlehem and Feathered Star. A preference for these pieced stars came about in the mid-19th century.

So why LeMoyne? Well, we don’t know. But, there were three LeMoyne brothers who sailed into Louisiana about 1700, that was then a French colony. Maybe, that had something to do with it.

Of course, I looked for the fabric of my quilt in my “Dating Fabrics” by Eileen Jahnke Trestain and American Quilter’s Society. And, I found it in the 1830-1860 chapter. My yellow is called a butterscotch yellow.

I found my fabric dated between 1830 — 1860. Very cool.

Also, about this time, quilt blocks were beginning to appear side by side, instead of the earlier look with a medallion center in the quilt.  I guess there was a quilt movement going on…somethings never change. So, I can date my quilt top somewhere between 1830 and 1880. How exciting is that?

I hope to finish it someday…now maybe sooner than later, especially since I’ve pulled it out to look at again!

Until next time…enjoy your day…ttyl!

Jo Ann





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