Quilt Book Review: The Quilter’s Practical Guide to Color by Becky Goldsmith

C & T Publishing ISBN978-1-60705864-9
The Quilter’s Practical Guide to Color by Becky Goldsmith

The Quilter’s Practical Guide to Color by Becky Goldsmith
Review: 5 Fat Quarters (5 being best)
Style: Modern
C & T Publishing
ISBN 978-1-60705-864-9

I love this book! Using color has always been challenging for me. I’m  the one who walks into a quilt shop and only buys coordinates because I know for sure that they will all match.

Becky’s way of explaining the color wheel is clear and she makes it very easy to understand how it works. She also added little boxes of “Practical Advice” with her color scheme explanations to help you make your combinations. I really liked that… very helpful.

Her “Value and Contrast” chapter is wonderful and she calls it “very important”…you’ll know why by the end of her examples.

She continues with “The Nature of Fabric”, “Clarity”, “Texture and Scale”, and “The Structure of a Quilt”. All of these chapters are important, but I felt they weren’t as exciting as the first ones. Maybe it was because I wanted to get to the projects section and start a quilt.

“You Are the Boss of Color”, “Design and Audition”, and “Subtle Considerations” are the next chapters. I liked that she suggests to use the colors that you want to use, and feel free to not use the same colors that are in a pattern…and, deciding to not use fabrics that you don’t like is OK! However, Becky includes “Tips for an Ugly Fabric Challenge” just in case that sounds fun to you. She ends these chapters with showing you how important it is to use a design wall and to audition your fabric choices. I strongly agree!

Becky’s last chapter is “Fabric Basics”. This is a good chapter on how to organize your stash of fabric and how to buy fabric…even the age-old question “How much fabric do I buy?” I especially love her suggestion to pull out the fabric that I never seem to use, even though I keep trying to.

Those are all of Becky’s chapters. Great stuff. And, I really enjoyed her boxes of “Practical Tips” that continued all through-out her book.

There are 10 projects to choose from. I’m going to make  one of them. I narrowed my choices to 3 of them…Square Play, Opposites Attract, and Pick-Up Sticks.

I decided on Pick-Up Sticks because it reads more like a 2-color quilt and I think I will enjoy that. Wish me luck!

Until next time…ttyl…enjoy your day!
Jo Ann

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