Quilt Shop Review: The Quilted Fox


The Quilted Fox Quilt Shop Review
The Quilted Fox Quilt Shop Review

The Quilted Fox
10403 Clayton Road, St. Louis MO 63131
(314) 993-1181 or 1-877-993-1181 (toll free)
Owner: Louise Georgia
Style: Modern and Eclectic

Review: 5 Fat Quarters (5 being best)

Recently, I was able to go to a favorite quilt shop of mine. The problem though is that I don’t get to visit it often because it happens to be 2000 miles away. Even though I live in California, my home town is St. Louis and my cousin Janey was sweet enough to take me there…she knew how much it would mean to me.

Keep in mind that I’m the one who always gravitates toward coordinates when I enter a quilt shop because I don’t like to match up colors and fabrics. I like the other steps… like sewing, designing, hand-quilting…and yes, the binding, too.

However, there are people out there that absolutely love the color step in their quilting journey, so that’s where Louise Georgia fits in beautifully. She is a color expert and her shop reflects this skill that not everyone has, especially me.

The Quilted Fox has over 6000 bolts of fabric that include an international fabrics wall.
The Quilted Fox has over 6000 bolts of fabric that include an international fabrics wall.

So, when Wendy, the friendly sales associate, told me that there are no full lines and the fabrics are set up by color and design, I took another look around and realized that Louise just had more color walls. And, she had 5 or 6 fabrics all matched up, from different manufacturers,  in separate areas all over the store. Very clever. Very helpful.

Another area of the shop is set up just for all of the international fabrics that are carried. The selection represented is world-wide…Australia, Africa, India, United Kingdom, Asia, and Japan. A large collection of batiks are from Indonesia. I love the thought of fabric-lovers all over the world. Very cool.

Louise’s Boasting Rights at The Quilted Fox:
Bolts carried: 6000+
Manufacturers carried: 59
Current Class Offerings: 28
Hosted Retreats: 3 a year
Saturday Block of the Month Groups: 2
Free Quilt Patterns: 4
Current Kits available: 26

Current Events:
Friday Night Retreats
Casey York Book signing
12th Annual Fat Quarter Flash
Pere Marquette Fall Retreat
Row by Row Experience
Saturday BOM Groups

Other Good Stuff:
Sign up for The Quilted Fox Newsletter and receive a free quilt pattern.
Koala Sewing Cabinets are available and, you can use an On-Line Room Planner.
Check out the Gallery of Quilts made from classes and customers.
Custom Kits can be made for you…just ask!
Meet the Staff!

I love my Kaffe polka dots that Wendy cut for me!
I love my Kaffe polka dots that Wendy cut for me!

The Quilted Fox is recognized for unique fabrics, helpful staff, and high quality products. I went directly to the Kaffe Fassett wall, which kept me very happy. Janey fell in love with all of his polka dots, which made me fall in love with them too. So Wendy was kind enough to cut those for me.

Janey's custom quilt fabrics...stunning!
Janey’s custom quilt fabrics…stunning!

And, then when Janey picked out her fabric for her custom quilt (that I will me making for her), she was quick to point out that Wendy called her selections “stunning”, which kept a smile on her face for the rest of the day. And well, they really are stunning! I have now converted Janey as a quilter-in-training. She’s doing very well. She’s got the bug. Very cool. Maybe, I will use her as my color expert.

Thanks Quilted Fox for an awesome shop!

Janey and me, the happy campers!
Janey and me, the happy campers!


Until next time…enjoy your day…ttyl!

Jo Ann





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