Book Review Project “Mosaic”, Blog 3 of 3

My quilt top is ready to be hand quilted!


Striking Strip Quilts by Kate Henderson

Today I started marking my quilt for hand-quilting. And of course, a lot of thought always goes into this process…

  • How am I going to quilt it?
  • What color thread am I going to use?
  • Have I bought the backing yet?

Oh, the decisions.

  • I’m using a simple diagonal-lines design on a 45° angle. The lines will be in varying widths.
  • The thread will be turquoise-blue Perle cotton #8.
  • The backing fabric is a solid look taupe-grey. The turquoise-blue stitching will show through very nicely.
Marking on a design wall is best.
Marking on a design wall is best.

Marking will be the first step. Using my design wall for this process is much easier than doing it on the floor.

But, I’ll need the floor to layer it. I’m a lap hand-quilter, so my pinning is a little further apart. I smooth out the backing fabric as I go, so the pins will come out as I get to them. And I don’t use a hoop. This method is great if you don’t like a stiff look, which I don’t.

Layered and pinned…check!


This is all I need for a relaxing day of quilting.
This is all I need for a relaxing day of quilting.

Ok, here I go…I’m going to bring out my little red foot stool, grab my ice tea, turn on HGTV, and settle into a very comforting day of quilting.

Totally my favorite part of quilting!




Quilting done...I couldn't be happier!
Quilting done…I couldn’t be happier!


I finished the quilting in a couple of days. So far, so good. Next, I will be sewing on the binding.  It will be the same as the backing fabric. I like the taupe-grey…it’s simple and doesn’t overpower the colors on top.

Done! I love it.

Kate, thanks for an awesome fun project! Your instructions and pattern were 5 stars…I mean 5 fat-quarters!


This is Blog 3 of 3…hope you enjoyed my journey in Kate’s quilt book!

Until next time…enjoy your day…ttyl!

Jo Ann

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