Quilt Book Review: Mixing Quilt Elements by Kathy Doughty

Mixing Quilt Elements by Kathy Doughty.
Mixing Quilt Elements by Kathy Doughty.

Mixing Quilt Elements by Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession
Blog: materialobsession.typepad.com
Published by Stashbooks of C&T Publishing
Review: 5 Fat Quarters (5 being best)
Style: Eclectic
127 pages + templates
ISBN 978-1-61745-205-5

Wow, I love this book.

Kathy’s book definitely encourages you to show your individuality, such as…

  • Mixing elements can be a new path of expression.
  • Mixing techniques can turn into an awesome unique project.
  • Mixing your skills can be creating your own style.

SEW STUDIO is where you will find Useful Tools and Favorite Techniques.

Kathy’s Useful Tools are straight rulers, templates, applique tools, a design wall, a sewing machine, graph paper, thread, and batting. I really enjoyed the section on Using Plastic or Handmade Templates vs. Acrylic Template Rulers. Her suggestions are based on life experience and that kind of information is always valuable. Useful Tools would be categorized under “Mixing Your Skills Can Be Creating Your Own Style”.

Next is Favorite Techniques. This section talks about cutting strips with two rulers, cutting wedges, cutting triangles from a strip, English paper piecing, applique, and making bias strips. For me, I think the Cutting Wedges section is the most appropriate favorite for me because I have never owned a wedge ruler. It really made me want to go buy one.

Kathy finishes SEW STUDIO with Check Out Your Local Quilt Shops. Her statement, “Quilt shops are critical for keeping the spirit of the patchwork community alive”, is just what we all need to hear. Thank you Kathy…best suggestion ever.

Thirteen projects are covered in four chapters.

GO SLOWLY covers four projects using two methods: Applique and English paper piecing.  Falling in love with these slower methods can be like free therapy. I recommend it highly.

WEDGE WORK is a fun take on using a wedge ruler. I’m sure that the four projects presented can be quite revitalizing to anyone’s fabric stash. This chapter would be categorized under “Mixing Techniques Can Turn Into An Awesome Unique Project”.

AT THE MACHINE includes three projects. Kathy labels these projects as “my moments that need immediate results”. Yep, we all have them…you know, when that idea pops into your head, and the excitement of finishing something is simply unstoppable.

MIXING TEXTURES is Kathy’s last chapter. The simplicity of working with wool coupled with your imagination will definitely make these two quick and easy projects an extra fun day.

Kathy's "Choosing Fabrics" section has lots of tips.
Kathy’s “Choosing Fabrics” section has lots of tips.


In addition, each project begins with Choosing Fabrics.  These sections are valuable pieces of advice and tips on  the methods that are used and the techniques that are suggested. Really good stuff.



Mixing Quilt Elements would be categorized under “Mixing Elements Can Be A New Path Of Expression”.  For sure.

Until next time, enjoy your day…ttyl!

Jo Ann

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