Inland Empire Modern Quilt Guild

The new Inland Empire Modern Quilt Guild has been formed.
The new Inland Empire Modern Quilt Guild has been formed.

The IE Modern Quilt Guild held their second meeting today and it was quite an enjoyable afternoon. I loved it…especially since the modern quilt movement has always made me feel like a long lost hippie that’s found her way home.

The meeting started with Justin to update us on communications and Michelle gave us info on program events coming up. They sound exciting…a first challenge, a member’s demo event, a speaker, and a Christmas party.

Of course, being a new guild also means that volunteers are needed. Pat mentioned all of the current needs, which included…Committee Chair for Charity, Committee Chair for Education, and a Representative for the So Cal Council of Quilt Guilds. I’m sure the word will get out and they’ll be filled soon.

Sue Stone, owner of Needle in a  Fabric Stash Quilt Shop in Temecula, was the guest speaker. Her shop’s style is modern, fun, bright, and trendy, which is perfect for this area. We needed one of those. She brought a wonderful assortment of fabric bundles to sell and to keep us all smiling.

Sue and Susan brought quilts, answered questions, and talked about fabric companies.

Another presenter from the quilt shop was Susan. She answered questions from the audience about quilting methods used, machine used, using tutorials, using online classes, using patterns vs. improvising, and sewing for yourself vs. sewing for the quilt police. That brought out some cute chuckles.

Sue talked about how fabric companies play a big part of what we see in the quilt shops…like trends.  She brought several quilts for examples and shared what quilts came from what fabric lines…very interesting. All good stuff.


Laura shared some great tips on improvised quilting.
Laura shared some great tips on improvised quilting.

Laura continued the meeting with Modern Quiltology 101—-Intro to Modern Quiltmaking.  Improvisation was the subject and she convinced us that it can be a stress-reliever…really.  Her advice was embrace the awkwardness, don’t overthink it, don’t be scared of it, let the creativity amazingly come out.  And, if someone asks you about your work, always just add a positive to the conversation. I might need some work on the overthinking.

Show and Tell was next with eleven must-see quilts, and the meeting ended with everyone’s favorite part, the door prizes.

The good news is that there’s room for both traditional quilters and modern quilters. Just choose your style. Having both definitely means having more inspiration. Now, who doesn’t like that idea?

Until next time…enjoy your day…ttyl!

Jo Ann




    • That’s so nice of you! My blog writing has totally veered off the beaten path. I must say thank you for missing them so that I can get back into writing again! I honestly didn’t think anyone really read them or was even interested! So, thank you!!


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