ICAP Facebook Challenge #3, What Is My Vision For My Business?

International Creative Arts Professionals Facebook Challenge #3

Little Wheeler Quilts
Little Wheeler Quilts

What Is My Vision For My Business?

Wow, these questions are getting harder. That’s a tough one.

My first reaction is “No, I don’t want to share that. What if some one laughs at me or makes me stop dead in my tracks?”  Isn’t that something that I just keep in my head, or do I really need to think about it at all?  Aren’t I already busy enough just learning how to have a business?

But, it got me to thinking about it, which is a good thing. Jesus tells us that with God nothing is impossible, and as a creative I always need to hear that.

I have two visions…one for my art and one for my business.

The need to always create will never go away and I plan on having fun with watching the current trends in home decor, which is constant.   The desire for my quilt work to be wanted, needed, or loved is high on my vision-list.  My art is such a big part of my identity, so I would like to be known as that lady who sews really good, makes those really cool colorful linens, and does that awesome hand-quilting on her quilts!

One of my very colorful Kaffe Fassett tablecloths!
One of my very colorful Kaffe Fassett tablecloths!

Regarding my business…I consider myself a newbie. When I started Little Wheeler Quilts at Etsy.com, I was working full-time and I couldn’t devote very much time to it. Ten months ago I retired and I can happily say that the 100% love that I’m putting into it now is keeping me very content.

Of course, I want to make some money doing what I love to do. How much money? Well, being a solo artist, I’m going to start with a goal of selling 5 linens a month. That’s my for-now vision.

As for my future vision, I would love to see one of my tablecloths on HGTV someday!

Until next time…enjoy your day…ttyl!
Jo Ann

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