ICAP Facebook Challenge #4, How Do I Connect With My Peeps?

International Creative Arts Professionals Facebook Challenge #4

How Do I Connect With My Peeps?

I love that this challenge is making me think about my business with another thought provoking question. There is some clarity that’s poking through and it’s making this journey very interesting for me. I feel like I’m learning how to work smarter and not be so scattered with my ideas. I love when Morna, my ICAP coach, says “Scattered actions end up to be scattered results.”

Back to the question.

Since I have an online shop and I’m a solo artist working from home, I really don’t see anyone. All of my communication is through Facebook, Pinterest, my blog, and my email at jwquilter1253@gmail.com.

facebookMy Facebook Business page is one of my social media sites where I post all of my Etsy Shop products and my blogs will show up there also. My Shop Now button is always available for that “want-it-now” moment!

etsyMy Etsy Shop is where all of my Home Decor linens are. I offer an awesome mix of Industrial and Bohemian styles and some are with Kaffe Fasset’s wonderful and colorful fabrics. You can also find several vintage 1960-70’s sewing patterns from Simplicity, McCalls, Butterick, and Vogue.

pinterest-squareI have a Pinterest page that I absolutely love. Who doesn’t like Pinterest? There is so much inspiration and I think we all know how spending hours on it can bring the “Oh no…I need to get that done!” moment.

wordpressMy categories in my blog will bring in visits from people all over the world. One time I had visitors from 9 different countries in the same day. I love that! I also bring in a lot of visitors from my Quilt Book Review Projects. If the author permits I make up a project from her book, I blog about my process, I give her all the credit (free advertising for her!), she lets her peeps know, and voila! I’ve got many of her followers coming to visit me. She allows me to place the finished project at my Etsy Shop and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the kindness of helping me get my name out there.

I know I still have a lot to learn about social media, but this is a start.

Until next time…enjoy your day…ttyl!
Jo Ann






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