My name is Jo Ann Woods and this is my “Obsessed With Quilting” blog. And, since I like to read and write so much, I blog about reviews…who doesn’t like reviews?

So, enter quilt book reviews, quilt shop reviews, home decor book reviews, and well, everyday quilt life, too!   If the quilt book author permits, I will make up one project from the book to blog about. Besides showing you what I may be currently working on, my blog will also include fun little bits of quilt history…and, whatever interruption comes my way!

I’ve been a sewist and creator forever and that’s when my textiles passion started and why my love affair with fabrics began.  My dad bought a Kenmore sewing machine for us girls (my mom, me and my sister) but I was the only one who used it…and never stopped.  My young creativity evolved from embroidery to clothing construction to macrame to crochet to cross stitch to finally quilting.

I eventually received an AA degree in Fashion Design and a Designated Subjects Vocational Education Teaching Credential in Textile Production and Fabrication. Quilt teaching has given me a desire to help beginners to start their quilt journey. My love of quilt history has steered me into quilt appraisal workshops. The knowledge that I have acquired through the years has allowed me to fondly share it many times over. Hand quilting and finishing vintage quilt tops has given me more excitement than I could imagine.

As a brain tumor survivor of 19 years, quilting was the path that helped me get well. My neurosurgeon prescribed me to just quilt, and quilt I did. Quilting has so much to love about it…picking out fabric, learning about quilt history, designing a pattern, finishing old quilt tops, and for me…it’s gotta be the hand-quilting! It’s my free therapy.

TTYL…enjoy your day!
Jo Ann